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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Packing, Boxing and Camping

This thing is getting close. I've started filling a borrowed duffle with clothes, biking stuff, personal items and whatever will make a week of bicycling and camping with a lot of other people more comfortable. One example: earplugs. Never owned 'em before, but I'm guessing they'll make the nighttime campsite chaos a little more managable.

I'm bringing a sleeping bag but am renting a tent from my charter service. Hope it comes with a ground cloth because I don't own one of those either. Wonder how long it will take me to learn to pitch the thing?

And today is boxing day, as in boxing the bike. I've borrowed a hard-shell bike case and and am taking my bike to Doug at Glendale Cyclery, my local bike shop, to partly disassemble it for the case. I shouldn't have too much trouble reassembling the bike. (I'm a little better with bikes than with tents.)

Expect another audio report soon.


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