RAGBlog contains text and audio commentary surrounding my participation in RAGBRAI XXXIII, July 24-30, 2005. RAGBRAI, which stands for the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, draws about 10,000 bicyclists each year for the weeklong ride. Go back to the July 2005 quotes for daily commentary on the ride.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy New RAGBRAI Year!

This weekend--when the RAGBRAI route is officially released online and then in print--marks the beginning of the new RAGBRAI year. It's a time when people who are nowhere near Iowa start looking up the home pages of places like Sergeant Bluff (this year's start town) or Waukee (which ought to have a baseball team called the Ewers.) And maybe it's time to head down to the Auto Club to pick up an Iowa road map.

If you are thinking about riding RAGBRAI this year, I invite you to go through my posts from July 2005. It will give you some sense of how my RAGBRAI rookie year went. Send me any questions or comments. For a second, third and additional opinions, I recommend that you head off to www.ragbrai.org and take a look at the message boards.

See you down the road.