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Monday, March 06, 2006

Let's Do Lunch in Lambs Grove

This is Ottosen City Hall. Ottosen was a pass-through town on the century loop in 2005.

The pass-through towns for RAGBRAI XXXIV have been announced, ending much speculation about the specific route. The estimated route length of 444 miles is now confirmed. There is a nice draggable map of the route on the Des Moines Register web site.

The John Karras Century Loop should add an additional 32 or so miles to Day 3. Exact routing and length of the loop has not been announced.

Pass-through towns are important on RAGBRAI. They feed us and entertain us. They let us take over their libraries to check our email and post to our blogs. But most of all these often-tiny towns let us get a glimpse of America away from the cities, even away from the Interstates. Honestly, how often do folks from Los Angeles or Chicago or New York get to visit Lambs Grove or Sully or Guthrie Center?

For more detail than you'll ever need about RAGBRAI routes past and present, I recommend going to GeoBike.


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